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Lee Ingersoll

                         11 Mar  2019

"Taco" was EXTREMELY helpful and honest regarding our LG washing machine. He has a lot of knowledge about appliances. He knew what the problem was, unlike a previous repairman from a different company, who said there was nothing wrong. We were very happy with "Taco" and will call him again if we need any repairs in the future.

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pavani patchipulusu

                         10 Mar  2019

Taco was very friendly and very nice person. We had issue with our washer . He came and noticed what the issue was and ordered the parts and repaired it. Thank you so much Taco. We got his referral from Home Warranty.

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Tanner Garcia

                         7 Mar  2019

Taco came out to our house. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to explain to us exactly what was wrong and our options. I highly recommend!

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Clyde Rachal

                         4 Mar  2019

Had service on both washer and dryer and was extremely happy. Taco not only was friendly but also shared maintenance info for keeping my appliances in good working condition. My original appointment was 6 days out but changed to next day and then called to say he could come 2 hours earlier. IMPRESSED. GREAT JOB!

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